What Is Online Team Building?

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed a lot of things in our life. In addition to individuals, businesses are forced to change their work style. Now, we can see more people working from home or working remotely. But remote working comes with various challenges. And the number one problem is team building. But there is a solution. Online team building can help your teams to get stronger in these challenging times.

What Is Team Building?

Team building is extremely important for any organisation. Without a strong team connection, it is almost impossible to sustain long-term productivity. Each team member needs to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their other team members. A coherent team will surely be successful. But this does not happen on its own. Without giving the necessary tools to the employees, it is impossible to expect them to create strong communication and engagement.

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In general, team building can be defined as activities for role-definition and social relationships in work setting. Most of us work in teams in our workplaces. And this means more collaboration in various settings. With team building activities, team members can achieve better social relationships by using collaborative tasks.

Team building can be applied to any work setting. When it comes to remote working, these practices can even gain more traction. The main objective of these activities is to align the goals of each team member. This way, each member can work to achieve a common goal. Also, the employees can better understand the core principles of the business and align themselves with these principles.

Why Do You Need Team Building?

When you work in teams, each member of the team must work in harmony. Teamwork can bring lots of benefits to the overall operations. First and most importantly, work tasks can be divided based on the skill set of the individuals in the teams.

Furthermore, team building enables better communication across the organisation. When individuals in each team have a strong connection and understand each other, the problems can be solved easier. From sports to education and organisations, these activities can be easily applied in different settings.

Team Building Approaches

Team building requires following certain methods. These are:

  1. Identify Goals
  2. Define Roles
  3. Collectively Work On The Problem
  4. Create Solutions and New Approaches
  5. Develop Relationships with Other Participants

Thus, the team building activities must be designed according to the business goals. Also, it requires clear role definitions for the employees. The next fundamental step is to organise a collective approach to find solutions. This step can also be about building a stronger bond between the participating employees. All these steps support employees to better communicate among themselves. Also, the social aspect of work life, which is necessary for high employee motivation, is supported.

Online Team Building for Stronger Engagement

A team requires good communication and engagement for success. But in a world which everything turns online, communication and engagement can be a huge problem. Physical distance brings together certain challenges in communication. And the most important of these challenges is the lack to gestures. Still, there is a solution to overcome this problem. Activities that increase engagement and enable high participation can help you to achieve stronger teams even though you are working remotely. For example, human resources department can plan off-work activities for higher engagement. An online yoga session or an online breathing exercise break can significantly increase the employee engagement.

How Can Online Team Building Help?

Online team building can help your organisation in many ways. Since face-to-face communication is no longer possible, it is important to find online tools to develop the connection between team members. High-spirited and motivated team will show higher performance. And this will lead to success across the business. Combined with other online methods like online events, this form of online engagement can significantly help the employees and the business.

Stay Connected

With online team building, team members can stay and feel connected. Although online communication methods cannot replace physical communication, team members can still keep on touch. With these online communication tools, team members can share their problems and find a solution together. Further connection across individuals can strengthen the organisation.

Share Your Problems

Work-related problems are common. But with increased remote working, new problems and challenges emerge. Employees experience new problems related to working online. There might be connection errors or other problems. Online team building enable an environment where team members can discuss their problems. Without problem sharing, it is not possible to find solutions. And each team experiences problem. When you are working remotely, online tools and online engagement can help you with the problem sharing. Thus, your team can stay connected and find the motivation they need to understand how they need to work as a team.

Fight Against Feeling Alone

Feeling alone has always been a problem. A report by Hadley and Mortensen (2020) state that team members feel alone even though there engage in team building activities. And this has increased significantly as we spend more time at home. Due to certain restrictions imposed by different countries, we spend a lot of alone time alone. And this is not good for both our mental health and work performance. But team building activities can help to overcome this problem. When individuals feel like they are a part of a community, the sense of loneliness will tend to decrease. The same report suggest that managers need handle the loneliness among employees as a systematic problem. Solutions might vary across the firms. Therefore, it is important to identify the core problems associated with feeling alone in the workplace and plan activities accordingly.

More Creativity

Online team building activities can help the employee to be more creative. As they share their thoughts and ideas, they can feed from the ideas of other employees. This will support the creative and create a work environment open for communication. Furthermore, designing different activities itself requires creativity. This might also contribute to the problem-solving skills of the included employees.

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