Can Artificial Intelligence Help You With Your Marketing Efforts?

In today’s world, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular topics. Almost all technology brands are investing in this field to improve their products and services. When it comes to this field, we can talk about big data, machine learning and adaptive algorithms. Of course, the artificial intelligence field is not limited to these efforts. Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in this field from marketing professionals.

One of the main focus of these professionals is transforming the customer experiences. More than ever, customers want more personalised experiences, products and services. These individuals want ultra-tailored solutions to meet their individual needs. However, it is not possible to meet these specific needs with traditional marketing efforts. This is why brands and businesses first need to understand the shortcomings of traditional marketing practices. Only then, it is possible to utilise AI in digital marketing to take the brand even further.

The Shortcomings of the Traditional Marketing Practices

The world is changing at an unprecedented speed. And businesses need to keep up with these changes. In the past, marketing was all about finding the potential customers, making a phone call or handing out some promotional materials. With the introduction of the internet, the potential customer pool expanded greatly. And with social media channels, the entire world became the potential customers. So, is it still possible to use traditional methods like phone calls or handing out promotional materials?

Well, you can continue to use these methods in your everyday marketing practices. But this is no longer enough. You need to find a way to blend different marketing practices. The physical customer visits should be replaced with e-mail marketing practices or even online meetings. These are the times which speed and accuracy are the most important elements. No one wants to lose time on checking thousands of pages to find the right product for them. They immediately want to find what they are looking for. Moreover, they expect the sales professionals to respond their needs in days with an additional personal touch.

All of these might sound overwhelming. Well, they are if you are not keen on innovating in your marketing efforts. Sticking with old methods might work for a while. But you need to find new ways to incorporate in your marketing efforts. Here, artificial intelligence in digital marketing is regarded as a new approach.

What Can Artificial Intelligence Offer In The Marketing Field?

When we talk about artificial intelligence, most of us might think about the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001). Well, although this movie was great, we are far from creating intelligent robots with existential crisis and searching feelings. The technology has not evolved that much yet. But it certainly has penetrated to almost all aspects of our lives.

The AI we are talking about is a massive data-processing capacity to create insights from a huge amount of data. While the large-scale data processing capacity is almost impossible for the human mind, computers can process trillions of data in seconds with the right algorithms.

Handling that massive data in a short time provides a some important data for the businesses. This way, business can learn more about their customers. And they can customise their offerings to meet these specific needs. Of course, the artificial intelligence applications in the marketing industry are not limited with these. There are lots of undiscovered options to be tried and tested.

Tailored Content with Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, content creation with artificial intelligence is trending. Various companies such as Concured and BrightEdge are offering AI-powered content creation services. So, what do these services mean? And what do they provide us?

These services enable us to create better contents with ease and speed. If you are involved in content marketing, you need to create both attractive and unique content to attract your visitors and readers. Only then you can turn these visitors into long-term customers. But there is a challenge when it comes to creating content.

You need to pinpoint the visitors’ needs and create your content to meet these unique needs. And this means doing extensive research and reading thousands of pages. This can be a time consuming process. And in some cases, you might not have the necessary resources – especially, if you are a small-scale business with limited human resources.

So, what can you do to overcome these problems?

AI-powered content creation.

By utilising these AI-powered content creation services, you can take you digital marketing efforts to a next level. These services offer important insights to improve your SEO ranking and online visibility. Also, you can benefit from more targeted and well-written content that directly reaches to your potential customers.

Targeting Specific Needs

As we have said above, artificial intelligence can help you to target specific needs in the market. You can empower your digital marketing team with AI tools to take the content creation and digital marketing process to the next level. Since consumers want more targeted content in their decision-making journey, artificial intelligence can provide you with the necessary means to tackle these needs.

More Insights About Customers

In most cases, data is everything. Without data, you can’t do any work. Your business and brand need data to grow. But is all data good? Well, unstructured data (raw data) will do you no good. You need an individual or a tool to make that data meaningful.

Almost all businesses collect data from their visitors and customers. With the increasing online activities, this data collection process became a sort of race. The key point here is to know what you need to do with this collected data. If you can’t use it, it will mean nothing.

By using the collected data, you can learn more about your customers. This data will provide valuable insights regarding your customer demographics, consumption habits and consumption behaviours. And artificial intelligence-driven online tools can help you with this entire process. These tools are an amazing way to obtain more structured data about your customers and visitors. And the structured data will turn into insights that you can utilise in your everyday activities.

Real-Life Applications of AI in Digital Marketing

So, what are the real-life applications of AI in the digital marketing field? As we have mentioned above, AI-driven content creation is highly popular. But the applications are not limited to that. Global companies such as Amazon are utilising AI-driven applications to streamline their service offerings. Also, chatbots are taking the stage in the customer services area. Streamlining customer services can significantly lower the budget allocated to turn an unsatisfied customer into happy customers. And this means spending less from the marketing budget to send promotions, gift cards or discount codes.

Smart Recommendations

Recommendation engines might be the best real-life application of AI in digital marketing. The main idea behind these engines is to use the customer purchasing and navigation data to make more accurate recommendations. These recommendations make online shopping more customized. And businesses can create their own models by using open-source AI recommendation engine tools.

AR/VR Integration for Better Product/Service Marketing

AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are beginning to get a strong position in the marketing environment. These two technologies enable brands to show their products and services in an almost real-life situation. Oculus headsets or other different headsets help you to show a design without leaving the comfort of your home. Brands can show all the properties of their services without making huge investments. Also, it is a great opportunity for potential customers to try and test the products and services they are interested in. Artificial intelligence can be used for creating a hyper-realistic design for AR and VR environments.

Chatbots to Save on Resources

Chatbots can help your business by optimising your customer services investments. In most cases, customer services require a lot of real individuals to handle the customer problems. A recent study by Acquire shows that 1.4 billion individuals that use messaging apps are willing to use chatbots to solve their problems. Even this prediction gives a broad idea about the future of the chatbots. These automated customer service agents are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. It is possible to design you own responses to answer the specific questions of your existing customer base.

Reach Customers Around The World

Services such as Amazon Translate uses machine learning to translate the product details to other languages. As of 2020, this service is available for 14 language pairs in 16 sectors. The translation add-ons powered by neural network algorithms can help you to expand your customer range with almost no additional investments. In most cases, translation and localisation services can be expensive, especially, for less common languages. However, AI-powered translation services can help you to cut costs and offer good quality results. Still, it is important to note that artificial intelligence translation services might not produce accurate results for all sectors. Sensitive sectors such as healthcare, technical documentation (especially for medical tools and devices) and advertisement might still need to stick with the traditional methods.

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