Why Do You Need Online Team Building?

Almost all sectors need strong teamwork capabilities. Without a well-connected team, it is not possible to achieve the targets and objectives of the business. So, how can you create a good team? Actually, there are few steps for this. The first and most important one is to find the right individuals. The second one is team building activities. Well, how can you organize team building activities? Especially, when you are experiencing tough times such as the pandemic? Of course, with online team building.

Online team building can make your team stronger.

Choosing The Right Individuals for Your Team

If you don’t have the right people on your team, your chances for success will decrease. So, how can you choose the right individuals. There are few steps you can follow.

  1. Create a list of positions and roles you have in your team.
  2. Write down the requirement and competencies for each of these positions and roles.
  3. Search for candidates within your own company.
  4. If you can’t find suitable individuals in your company, start looking for new employees.
  5. Brief everyone about their roles and requirements.
  6. Conduct regular evaluations to see if everything is working well.
  7. Get feedback.
  8. Work on those feedbacks to improve and streamline your team.

These 8 steps will help you with creating the strong team you need for your projects. So, what will be your next step? Most probably, these individuals will be total strangers. Even though some of them worked on the same project, there still might be others from different departments or business units. To create a bond between them, you need to encourage these individuals in one way or the other. At this stage, team building activities come into play.

Team Building Activities

Team building activities can be a fun way to create a bond between your team members. As these members spend time together outside the work environment, they will get the chance to know each other. Remember. People often reflect their personalities to how they work. So, understanding and knowing these characteristics can significantly help you in your business processes. Of course, activities outside the work as a team can really help you with that. Let’s see some of the team building activity options you can follow.

Ice-Breaker Activity

This is one of the most common team building activity you can apply in any setting. Whether you are building a team for your business or a school project, an ice-breaker is the best way to start. In this activity, people in your team will get to know each other. In this activity, you can try to find 10 common things in your team. Or you can try two truths one lie. In this activity, people will try to guess which expressions are the truth and which one is the lie. There are tens of different options. for ice-breaker activities. All you need to do is understand what your team needs and build a team accordingly.

How Can You Shift Your Team Building Online?

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed many areas both in business and in our personal lives. Now, instead of going to offices, we work from home. But this has also changed some important aspects of the physicals work environment. For example, we have to spend more time communicating with our team members. In certain cases, even the bond between the team members can become weaker. So, are there any solutions for that? Of course, there are. The easiest solution for that is online team building activities.

Online Team Building Options

In one of our previous articles, we explain what is online team building? Here, we would like to show some of the activities you can actually use for your team. So, you can check some of the options you can try for your team.

Online Office Games

Teambuilding offers a series of fun and entertaining online games for all remote workers. 2-300 people can join these games. So, these are a good option both for small teams and large teams. There are different options in the trivia including challenging multiple-choice questions, number games, lightning scavenger hunts and fun mechanics. This is a paid option for team building online.

Virtual Bingo

Virtual bingo is both fun and free. You can create your own bingo cards to meet your specific meets. You can create a bingo card and give it to all your team members. Let the fun begin. Below, we prepared a sample bingo card. Of course, you can create your own card with other fun things.

Online team building bingo example

Online Dance Party

Set up the mood and get ready to have some fun. It is dance time! While office parties were the best way to break the ice and get everyone moving, this might not be an option for now. Instead, you can carry your office parties online. Pick a day and time. And ask everyone to get ready for a dance party. Everyone on your team can choose their favourite songs and play them for everyone else. Everyone can have fun and dance to these songs. Just don’t forget to wear something appropriate if you are going to stand up and dance.

DIY Challenge

This is actually both a fun and creative activity. You can choose a topic suitable for DIY. Then, you can ask all team members to create something according to this topic. You can even set a maximum budget for your craft supplies. This way people will show their most creative side with a limited budget. Or you can also allow few materials to take the challenge even further.

Best GIF Contest

GIFs are funny and highly popular among many individuals. You can start a best GIF contest to see the creative side of the internet. Your team members will find the most amusing and funny GIFs. You can even make a GIF collection out of all the GIFs everyone has found.

Try to push the limits with your GIFs

Organise a Book Club

If you and your team members love reading, an online book club can be a fun way to bond. You can choose a book for each month. Then, you can dedicate a couple of hours to discuss your views and ideas about that book. Also, you can choose a business-related book for your team development. This way you can learn something new about your business and get the chance to discuss it with your team members.

Online Dinner Party

Wear your fancy clothes. Cook a fancy dinner. And get in front of your camera. It is online dinner party day. Enjoy your dinner with your team members. This way you can decrease your stress levels. And you can also talk about daily things like how to cook a certain meal. This will surely help to your online team building efforts.

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